Local guides and tour operators

Local guides need to have a valid license to guide at the City Hall.

Before visiting the City Hall with your group, we ask that you contact us with infomation regarding 

  • Date of your visit
  • Number of people in the group
  • Approximate time of arrival.

Phone number: +46 8 508 290 58
Email: cityhalltours@stockholm.se

Always double-check the City Hall's opening hours before your visit

The City Hall is an active political office building, and the venue for both events and wedding ceremonies. For this reason, we may have to close earlier – sometimes at short notice.

Always double-check our opening hours on the day of your visit, to ensure that we are still open. 

Ordinary opening hours

Ordinary opening hours to enter the City Hall as a local guide are 08.30–16.00, Monday–Sunday.

The last possible entry is at 16.00. Groups visiting with a local guide may remain in the building 30 minutes after closing time.

Changes in opening hours and restrictions

Our opening hours are subject to change, sometimes at short notice. Due to events and other activities at the City Hall, some rooms may have ongoing preparations or be completely closed.

The Gallery of the Prince is closed on Saturdays due to wedding ceremonies.

Date Last admission Restricted rooms
May 29   The Gallery of the Prince is closed from 14.30.
May 30 12.00  
May 31   The Gallery of the Prince is closed.
June 3   The Gallery of the Prince is closed.
June 4 12.00  
June 6   The City Hall is closed today.
June 7 12.00  
June 8 12.00  
June 9 12.00  
June 10 12.00 The Gallery of the Prince is closed.
June 11 12.00  
June 13 12.00  
June 14 12.00  
June 15   The City Hall is closed today. 
June 16–23   Due to the celebrations for the City Hall’s 100th anniversary, the City Hall is closed for guided tours. During this period, we offer a special jubilee programme with an open house.
June 24   The City Hall opens later than usual today. Ticket sales and the first possible entry time is at 09.30.
June 27 12.00  


What to do when you arrive with your group at the  City Hall

Upon arrival at the City Hall, the guide enters to pay for the tickets, while the rest of the group waits outside.  

City Hall personnel will let the group into the City Hall through one of the doors at the top of the staircase in the courtyard, after everyone have received their tickets. 

Group size

Groups of up to 35 visitors may see all available rooms at the City Hall. The rooms usually included in the guided tour are

  • The Blue Hall
  • The Golden Hall
  • The Council Chamber
  • The Gallery of the Prince.

Larger groups

The maximum number of visitors in a group is 50 people. Groups of 36-50 visitors may only see the Blue Hall and the Golden Hall.


Groups will enter the City Hall through the doors at the top of the staircase in the courtyard. Depending on the season, different doors may be used. Signs will show the group to the correct entrance.

Travel operators

Travel operators with groups that would like to visit the City Hall are able to book a local guide with a valid license to guide at the City Hall.

Tickets and fees

The entrance fee differs depending on oif you visit the City Hall with a local guide or chooses to book a guided tour with a City Hall guide.

Price for visits with a local guide

Adult: 120 SEK
Senior/student: 120 SEK
Youth 7–19 years old: 60 SEK
Schools: 60 SEK per pupil. This price includes pre-schools, primary schools, secondary schools/high schools, and SFI.
Child 0–6 år: Free. Children must be accompanied by an adult. 

One tour leader per group may enter for free, in order to assist the guide in keeping the group together during the tour.  


You buy the tickets from the City Hall shop on the same day as your visit. The entrance to the City Hall shop is located in the archway at Hantverkargatan 1. During the summer, you buy the tickets from our ticket office, which is located on top of the staircase in the courtyard.

We accept credit card or cash in Swedish currency. You pay for the entire group at the same time. It is not possible for visitors to pay for their tickets one by one.

You may also pay by voucher. Prior to your first visit, please email a copy of your voucher to the City Hall for approval. The guide or tour leader accompanying the group must bring a paper copy of the voucher to the City Hall for it to be valid as payment. We are not able to print the voucher for you.  

For questions regarding payment or invoicing, please contact us on the email address below.

Email: visning.ekonomi@stockholm.se