Practical information

Is it allowed to bring bags, baby strollers, or food and drinks inside the City Hall? Find the answers and other practical information for your visit here.


For guided tours or events at the City Hall, the entrance is in the courtyard from Hantverkargatan 1, through the main doors at the top of the staircase. 

If you are attending a meeting at the City Hall, the entrance is through the reception at Ragnar Östbergs plan 1.


There are public toilets located in the upper right hand corner of the courtyard, when you enter from Hantverkargatan. The toilets are open between 8.00 and 18.30.

For guided tours or events at the City Hall, there are toilets inside the building. There is an accessible toilet inside the City Hall. 

Bags and cloakroom

You are only allowed to bring one 30 x 21 cm sized bag. Leave larger bags in the attended cloakroom, maximum cabin bag sized. Large suitcases are not allowed inside the City Hall and must be left at the Central station or at the hotel. We do not accept responsibility for any valuables left in the cloakroom.

The bags may be inspected before you are allowed to enter. Bags or other items left unattended inside the City Hall will be handled immediately.


You may bring a baby stroller on the guided tour but you are not allowed to store bags larger than 30 x 21 cm in the basket underneath.

Food and drinks

You are not allowed to bring food and drinks with you on the guided tour. There is no designed space inside the building to eat packed lunches. You may eat packed lunches outside, in the City Hall Park.

The City Hall has two restaurants. Ragnars Skafferi serves coffee and lunch.
Stadshuskällaren serves lunch and dinner.


You may take pictures in all of the rooms during the guided tour. You may use flash in every room except the Oval Room, which contains textiles that are sensitive to light.

You are not allowed to bring a tripod or other bulky equipment.  

For professional photography, please contact the event department.


Lost and found

If you have lost or forgotten something at the City Hall, please contact the City Hall reception.

Telefon: +46 8 508 290 25
Address: Ragnar Östbergs plan 1

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