Technical information

On this page, you will find technical information regarding lighting and sound equipment, when leasing one of the banquet halls at the City Hall.


The City Hall is a historical and cultural landmark, where several different things happen at the same time. As a result, we try to limit extensive light installations that require lots of time set up and that may cause a great deal of wear and tear to the building.

When leasing the Blue Hall or the Golden Hall, we therefore also offer the lease of our own professional lighting rigs, which allows for great flexibility and many lighting options. The lease of lighting rigs include personnel to operate them.


We do not offer the lease of sound systems. Since the acoustics at the City Hall are complicated, we encourage event organisers to hire sound operators with previous experience of working at the City Hall.

There are brackets for mounting film screens on the north wall of the Blue Hall. Screens and other equipment is not available onsite. It is possible to set up a projector on the first floor.


For questions regarding premises, technical equipment, prices, and booking conditions, please contact the events department at the City Hall. 


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